Sleep Zzzzzzzzzzz

The importance of sleep for running performance and recovery Increasingly we understand more about the power of sleep and how essential quality sleep is to our bodies’ ability to recover and our wider mental and physical health and perhaps most critically prevention of disease. It is also essential for recovery from training and improved running performance. Here are 10 great reasons why you should be prioritising sleep as part of your training: Sleep is crucial for recovery from the daily stress of life and work. Quality sleep, plays a critical role in enabling the body to respond to the training stimulus and make physiological adaptations It supports restorative functions like muscle growt

Glute medius!

Our strength coach Mike Chambers of Running Stronger tells us the importance of this muscle and how we can keep it strong to avoid injuries! All exercises which we can do at home! Check out his latest video!

Drills! Wherever you may be!

Drills, likewarming up,stretching, andstrength and conditioning work, fall into the category of things runners know they should do, but never seem to find the time to. And you know what? That’s hardly a surprise – free time is always at a premium and merely managing to run regularly is cause for celebration. Check out our latest article with Coach Mag and Cancer Research UK here

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