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Getting started – Your marathon training tips

Getting started – Your marathon training tips We speak to runners every day and know that tackling 26.2 miles can seem a daunting prospect. Follow this fool proof guide to prevent making those age-old mistakes and keep your marathon training simple and fun! Correct trainers & kit Invest in a proper pair of running trainers from the word go to prevent injury and make the running more comfortable. Go to a proper running store, explain you are new to running ask for a ‘gait analysis’ so that the trainers are properly chosen and fitted to your foot and running style. Good running shops are there to help and make sure you speak to an experienced member of staff! It’s also worth investing in some

Should you exercise when tired?

Should you exercise when tired? Had a restless nights sleep? Worked a late shift or suffering from jet lag? There’s no worse feeling than not having enough sleep. But what happens when you feel like this and you have a run or workout scheduled? Do you still do it? Do you power through or do you take an extra rest day? There are key signs to look out for which should help you make a decision on whether to exercise or not. If you have more than two or three nights of poor sleep in a row…whether it’s down to young children keeping you awake or you’re perhaps in a period of high stress, we all know how poor sleep can hinder your performance. If you’re sleep is poor for more than a few nights, yo

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