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We are proud to support some of the UK's

best known charities and brands supporting

them to connect with their fundraisers and

customers, adding value to their

services and products.

Charity coaching service

We are the UK's leading provider of coaching services to charities from real coaches working with real athletes everyday. We are proud to work in partnership with some of the UK's biggest charities and believe that having a team of real coaches massively boosts supporters training and fundraising experiences. Our track record and experience has consistently seen fantastic supporter feedback, reduce drop out rates and increased support recruitment and retention. Just some of the services we offer;

Bespoke coaching services for high value supporters

  • Coaching support for running, cycling, triathlon, swimming & hiking events
  • Training days, Q&A evenings, talks and seminars ranging from small groups to 150+ runners
  • Online live Q&A and webinar sessions using Facebook & twitter
  • Training plans  and guides covering all events and all abilities from total beginners through to seasoned athletes
  • Bespoke videos, photography and audio content
  • Phone and email helpline covering all aspect of a supporters training journey
  • Charity brand advocacy and attendance at expos and launch events

What our charity runners say...

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your words of wisdom in the Children’s Society zoom last night. I could only join for the first half an hour (as I had a well needed sports massage booked for 8.30!) but your words have stayed with me and have really lifted me today. This is my 3rd London marathon (I ran the virtual last year also) so I feel I kind of know what I’m doing/what I let myself in for but I’ve really been struggling mentally and physically this week. My 20 mile run last Sunday went well but I’ve found it challenging this week to recover and I really need to sleep more! 
Your point about being fit vs healthy stuck with me and I know I can run the 26.2 miles but I just need to look after myself properly between now and then and sleep and fuel well. I also liked your point when you said the marathon is the end of your marathon journey and most of the marathon has already been completed in our training. I’ve heard it said before but I thought you put it in a great way for me to remember and celebrate and enjoy the race on the day! 

Thanks again for the talk yesterday and all of the support you’ve given over the training. 

Lizzie, The Childrens Society

Big thanks for the good advice going into the Folkestone Half Marathon in advance of Manchester. I targeted 1:45:00 as you suggested and came in at 1:41:51 - a strong test run that gave me solid feedback to pull things together before 10 October. I also stuck to the fuelling and nutrition we discussed and it worked well for me. And I appreciated the encouragement that I was on track - gave me a confidence boost to hear it from a veteran. I’m going out at 11:15 at Manchester and we may not cross paths so thanks again. Best wishes for a strong Autumn marathon season.

Trevor, WWF

Our work with brands

As UK head coaches for brands such as High5 we are able to bring our coaching knowledge and services to add value to a brands products. Our team includes a wide range of skills from endurance sports coaching, race commentary, live event and TV presenting, to personal training, nutrition, photography and marketing. This broad range of skills allows us to build long lasting relationships between bonds and their customers and provide opinion leading advocacy for products and services.

  • Coaching support for brands including bespoke training plans, guides and training.

  • Videos and interactive content to support customers to better understand and integrate brands products and services into their lives and training.

  • Live Facebook and Twitter Q&As and webinars

  • Brand training days

  • Presence at events including speaking engagements

  • Sports consultancy - linking and connecting brands in the endurance sport sector

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