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Collectively the team at RunningwithUs have over 40 years of coaching and personal training experience. We work with runners, cyclists and triathletes of all abilities from total beginners through to established GB internationals, covering running for fitness through to racing competitively from distances ranging from the 800m to ultra marathons as well as GB elite triathletes and Duathlon AG World Champions.
We have a fantastic record of achieving personal best times for clients and many of the athletes we coach have worked with us for many years, establishing a close and supportive relationship as we support them through their running, lifestyle and wider health goals.


Find out more about our 1-2-1 coaching below and also check out details on our training camps and support for elite, junior and club athletes by clicking on the relevant links. 

Bespoke Endurance Coaching

Full day-by-day training plans written personally for you with email, phone and text support from your own coach. Our bespoke remote coaching is very popular and communication is the key!

  • Initial meeting or run to review goals, training and lifestyle in order to set up your plan.

  • Bespoke training plan set around your work and life commitments sent every 2 weeks by email

  • Call, email or text your coach at anytime for advice or support along the way.

  • Feedback is essential every week or so and this helps us to tailor and build your training further.

  • Exact method used with beginners right through to elites.

We charge £99 month for fully bespoke coaching.We have worked with many of our 1-2-1 clients for several years helping and them to develop as athletes, balance training with busy work and social lives and building self confidence both inside and outside of their sporting lives. Our 1-2-1 clients gain many additional benefits such as access to unique training and racing opportunities which cannot be found anywhere else inthe UK. Supported by the our fantastic physiotherapy partners, and the expert team of physiologists and nutritionists at St. Mary's University our bespoke coaching clients have the very best endurance sport coaching in the UK.

Client testimonials:

Clare Bennie -

I came to Nick at the beginning of 2022 with a goal to run 2 x Marathon in 2022 (6 weeks apart) - Bath and London. I was raising money for charity (with a lot of sentimental value attached) and up until March 2022 I mainly ran for fun throwing in the odd half marathon here and there. However, I felt i really needed some guidance to help shape my training to ensure I not only got over the finish line but enjoyed it and without suffering with too many injuries (where possible).

The 6-month training plan was completely tailored to me, fitting in work and social life around it. I’ve learned so much about HR training and way more about my zones and when I’m able to push myself/or not. It’s been great having a focus and being able to lean on Nick for advice when required

Ben Johnson -

I first came to Nick at Running with us for some coaching advice in November 2018 after feeling like my performances had hit a plateau.   I felt like I had been training harder in 2018 but hadn’t improved any of my PB’s from the previous year.  From the word go, Nick was keen to understand what had worked for me in the past and potential areas where I could improve.  He took into account previous training, goals and lifestyle to give me a plan that fitted with my work and travel commitments.  

Nick has a great deal of knowledge and experience from coaching at all levels.  He has helped me to avoid a number of pitfalls of over-training and injury that had interrupted my progress in the past.  Trusting in the training that I’ve been set has improved my confidence going into races and the results have followed!        

After a few weeks of following a more structured program I was noticing clear improvements and ran my first PB of the year for the Half-marathon in February 2019.  From then I have lowered all of my times from 1500m upwards with an improvement from 2:21:46 in 2017 to 2:17:33 in the Marathon.

Susanna Harrison - 

I decided to sign up with Nick at Runningwithus after bumping in to him at the London Marathon Expo in 2016. I had already run several marathons and had a fair amount of experience but just didn’t feel I had ever reached my full potential. Marathons were normally pretty grim during the last few miles. Nick has a huge amount of experience and knowledge and with just a few tweaks in my training I ran 3:06 at Berlin later that year, my fastest time for 10 years! More importantly I didn’t fall apart in the last few miles and ran an even split. Since then, I have run a negative split and in 2018 won my age group at the Berlin Marathon. I also made it in to the all time top 10 British women for my age group and ran a sub 1:30 half again, something I thought was long gone. Being coached by Nick has given me real focus again and enabled me to achieve results I never would have thought possible.

Annabel Gummow - 

Who said a coach has to be looking constantly over your shoulder telling you to do this and that in training .... NO not Nick, this is not our coaching relationship. We work through Nick sending me training schedules and regular communication through WhatsApp, it is the 21st century after all! Nick is always on the other end to answer any questions or worries I may have. Through my hard work and the help of Nick I have ran personal bests in several distances.I am now looking forward to running into a successful 2020!

Naomi Mitchell - 

Nick and I have been working together since May 2019.

It has been a very positive year, over which I have learnt a lot about my training zones and the purpose of the sessions I am set. 

Nick is always challenging me to work hard on key days but pushes the importance of recovering well. 

He has helped me work on multiple disciplines and has supported me in finding the right races to target. 

As a result, I have gained confidence over both shorter and longer distances and have PB’d from 3k to marathon. 

Nick is in contact regularly and helps me to adapt my schedule so I can get high quality training alongside a busy work life.

Most of my training is remote, but I really enjoy the sessions I can do with his other athletes; it is a really positive and encouraging environment where we can challenge and support each other.

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