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I have had a few questions from runners I coach recently about getting the right footwear for the marathon. It goes without saying if you are going to pound tarmac for 26.2 miles you need to be pretty confident you are giving your feet the tools they need to perform. Choosing a perfect race shoe is very much a personal choice but here are some key points to consider to help you choose between the dizzying array of options on the market. How do you roll? Knowing how your body moves and how your foot strikes the ground when you run should be central when buying race shoes. Whether you heel strike or mid or forefoot strike, whether you have neutral gait or whether your pronate (roll inwards) or

Day to Day Glute Circuit

Your glutes are the biggest muscle group in your body and provide stability and propulsion in your running gait. The muscles we want to be be aware of are gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Their primary job is to extend the hip, which you do with every stride as you run, but they also help to provide stability to the pelvis and create hip, knee and toe alignment. Below is a simple circuit of basic glute conditioning you can do at home to help you run stronger and reduce your injury risk. Complete each exercise for 30-60 seconds and aim to run through the whole workout at least twice; 1. Single leg Bridge Lying on your back raise your body up into a bridge position by engag

August Results Update

On this page we will be logging some of the fantastic results our athletes have achieved over the last few weeks. Norwich 10km was a successful day for our athletes. Over a challenging course and in windy conditions George King finished 5th overall with a time of 33:40, Tracy Barlow was the winner of the women's race in 35:19 and finished 7th overall. Emma Patel was 6th woman in 38:50. Julia Davis finished 2nd at Indian Queens Half Marathon in 83:29 - an excellent performance as a training run! Susanna Harrison also performed well over the half distance tackling Burnham Beeches Half as a marathon paced training run completing the course in 92:20. Also racing in the middle of marathon prep wa

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