Planning to Succeed

Planning to Succeed.... Would you say you are a runner who comes up with a list of races, perhaps 4 or 5 half marathons, a few 10kms maybe even a marathon or two chucked in each year? Do you run your list hoping to see your times eek down race by race as you develop more experience and more confidence? Are you someone who enters a race on the spur of the moment, even entering on the day perhaps, or a month in advance after chatting it through with running friends? Have you considered that you might be selling yourself short? In this article we take a leaf out of the pro’s book and see how longer term planning can help to dramatically improve your PBs and enjoy enjoyment of both training and

Getting to the Core

What is your core anyway? Think of your core as the chain that holds your body together, essentially your body without arms and legs. This is important because having a strong core doesn’t just mean having a nice 6 pack. Core muscles also include your obliques, your pelvic muscles, your hip muscles, muscles around your lower and middle back and your chest, even your diaphragm – yes that’s right the muscle that helps you breathe – so fairly crucial for running then! Why spend time working your core when you could be Putting it simply a stronger core will see you running faster times with reduced risk of injury, and it doesn’t need to mean hours spent in an over-priced sweaty gym. A good analo

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