September & October Results

The autumn is a key period of racing for our runners and we have already seen some fantastic results. Tracy Barlow (75 minutes) won Maidenhead Half Marathon and broke the course record running at marathon pace with Hayley Munn and Dan Mutlow (both 79 minutes) also running strongly around marathon pace. Darren Roberts raced brilliantly to finish in 1.26. Further afield Fabian Thehos claimed an excellent PB at Copenhagen Half Marathon with 86:11. Tracy Barlow also picked up a silver medal in the British Half Marathon Championships on a tough course at in Nottingham. Competitors faced a challenging hilly race which but RunningwithUs athletes performed well throughout the field and whilst fast t

Progressing your conditioning

Following our recent advice on basic conditioning for runners, over the next few weeks we will putting together further tips and advice on how to progress your conditioning and keep challenging yourself. Underneath the links below check out an article Nick wrote for Men's Fitness last year which details some progressions and variations you might want to look to include to spice up your weekly S&C. You can check out our basic core circuit here - You can check out our basic glute conditioning circuit here -

Tapering - a few top tips

I can hear the gremlins talking to you now and asking, have you done enough training? Should you squeeze in one more three hour run to be sure you will be OK on race day? Do I need to make up for that week I missed when I had a cold? These are common worries in the final weeks but eventually, with all training, less must become more. It’s time to let the body start to recover and build its strength ready for race day. Remember, the training you do today will take 3-4 weeks to have a real long-term effect on fitness so cramming in extra training in the final weeks will only lead to diminishing returns and fatigue come race day. A clever marathon taper sees you protecting your fitness and even

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