Key Leg Strength Exercises

Key Leg Strength Exercises A strong core will help you hold your running form longer and deeper into a race and stronger upper body will prove invaluable in delivering a more powerful arm drive helping propel you forward faster. But there is no doubting that developing stronger legs is a priority for runners. Our legs take the load at ground contact and power our gait through toe off. So any strength session must have a bias towards developing these key muscle groups- our glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Here are some of our top leg strength exercises we do with runners: Traditional Deadlift The deadlift is a great exercise for developing powerful glutes and hamstrings and will also wor

...and stretchhhhhhhh!

Stretching - Flexibility and Mobility Most runners know that they should be stretching and mobilising muscles on a regular basis. Despite knowing this, many don’t do it, are not sure what to do or when to do it or even really why they are doing it. Runners who just run and ignore stretching, mobility, strength work and forms of cross training are more likely to become tight in some muscle areas and weak in others. Tightness in key muscles such as hamstring and glutes requires those muscles to work harder to find their full range of movement, which in turn puts more strain and load through those muscles, risking injury. Retaining flexibility and mobility in your joints so they can move in the

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